Jessica Simpson Wants Your Pity

jessica simpson pregnantJessica Simpson may be heavily pregnant with her first child, but so far she doesn't seem to be getting any special treatment from random strangers. I mean -- you'd think that the fact that she's a celebrity would have people falling all over themselves trying to make her life a bit easier, but apparently she's pretty much getting treated the same way most pregnant gals do by the general public. You know -- like people could really care less whether or not you have a bun in the oven.

Jess recently had an incident where she was totally starved and tried to cut to the front of the line at a Mexican restaurant, assuming that everyone would let her pass because of her big belly. But then she got yelled at -- which ultimately ended with her leaving the restaurant and heading straight to Taco Bell instead. Eww.


When I was pregnant, I remember thinking that I was going to get all kinds of special perks. I figured that everyone I encountered on a daily basis would see my big ole' belly and automatically go into some sort of super-sensitive mode and want to treat me like a helpless kitten or something like that. Boy did I get it wrong.

Instead of being doted on by random strangers, I found myself huffing and puffing through the Babies R' Us parking lot on more than one occasion after watching people who were not pregnant beat me to the parking spaces that were reserved for expectant mothers. Seriously -- what's up with that? Those signs are there for a reason, you know!

Parking lots were extremely tough for me when I was pregnant for some reason. Another time, I had a lady go totally postal on me while leaving my local grocery store. You see -- she was parked directly behind me and started to back out the same time as I did, so I waved at her to go first. But she thought I was giving her the finger, so she put her car in park, and then came over to mine and started banging on my window and screaming and yelling at me. And I cried and screamed back and told her to leave me alone because I was pregnant. For the record -- she didn't care one bit. She snorted and stormed off.

Getting a little bit of extra pity is something that most of us would love to have while we're expecting. But if even A-list celebrities can't manage to get any sort of special treatment, then that really doesn't leave too much hope for the rest of us normal gals. Huh. I guess wanting a little common courtesy and added kindness is just way too much to ask.

Did you get any pity from strangers while you were pregnant?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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