Michelle Duggar's Public Miscarriage Helps Others Feel Less Alone

Viewers of last night's episode of 19 Kids and Counting couldn't help tearing up after watching Michelle Duggar find out that the baby growing inside of her no longer had a heartbeat. That's the absolute last thing that any parent wants to hear at a routine doctor's visit, whether they are expecting their first child or their twentieth. Grief does not discriminate, and the Duggars were just as devastated as any mom and dad would be.

Going through a miscarriage is very emotional and also incredibly private for a lot of parents, but Jim Bob and Michelle decided to share their experience on reality TV because they hoped to help other parents. They were brave to publicize their awful moment, and they should be applauded for it.


Considering that 1 in 3 pregnancies results in a miscarriage, odds are good that many women who were watching the show last night have been through the loss of a baby themselves. Can you even imagine how many women's hearts were breaking as they watched Michelle receive the awful news? There were probably so many people who sat their on their sofas and wanted to reach through the TV and give Michelle a hug and tell her that they totally understood her pain.

The wounds left by miscarriage can never fully be mended, but just as with any traumatic situation, sometimes the simple act of hearing that someone else is going through the same thing makes the experience a bit less isolating, and offers hope that the strength can be found to move beyond the grief.

By sharing their story, Michelle and Jim Bob offered a priceless gift to other miscarriage sufferers. They showed them that it's okay to be open and honest about what you are feeling after the loss of a child, and proved that no one should ever be expected to hide the fact that they've miscarried -- nor should they be ashamed of it. And perhaps the people they helped the most are those who have chosen not to talk openly about their loss. Even though some may not disclose or discuss their miscarriage with others, it still makes coping more bearable if you have someone you can connect with -- even in silence.

And while the Duggars hoped that airing their moment on television would help other parents come to terms with their own struggles with grief, it was probably also a huge step in their own personal healing process. It can be next to impossible to find any bit of good in such a tragic situation -- but using the experience to try and help others is a wonderful way to honor their baby's memory.

Do you think that the Duggars should have kept their moment private?


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