J. Lo’s Nickname for Her Twins Is Nutty and Adorable (VIDEO)

jlo coconutsJennifer Lopez has a pair of super-sweet niños, twins Emme and Max. She talked about them a little last night on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and you can tell she's so proud of them. "Oh they're so good, they're about to turn 4," she told Jay. And she has the cutest nickname for the twins -- yes, they share the same nickname, one for the pair of them.

Jay already knew about the nickname: "Are you still calling them The Coconuts?" OMG, The Coconuts! That's so freaking adorable. Don't babies look like coconuts, with their little coconut-sized heads with their little hairs coming in? Here's what J. Lo said about her twins' kooky nickname.


 "Yes, they are my Coconuts." And the nickname started for the exact reason you'd think. "It started when they were little and in their cribs and started growing hair, and it looked just like a coconut, to me. Every time I saw them, I was like 'oh my little coconut, come here!'" she squealed. She even has a little necklace with coconut charms with their initials.

How adorable! I love that J. Lo named her twins after a food. And I love that she still uses that nickname, even though Emme and Max are about to turn 4. I hope they never outgrow it.

We gave our son a food nickname, too. I think it was about when he started walking that we started calling him "Noodle." He was wiggly like a noodle, and he was kind of the same color of a noodle, with his golden hair. And we still call him that. I love it when my friends let slip their kids' nicknames, too. I think, no matter how ridiculous, every kid feels especially loved when they hear their parents' sweet nicknames for them.

What are your nicknames for your kids?

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