Bobbi Kristina Needs a Mother Now More Than Ever

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Bobbi Kristina with Whitney Houston 2 days before her death
My heart breaks for 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina on so many levels. I know what it's like to lose a parent suddenly. I vividly remember screaming at the police officers who refused to let me see my father's body, which was also Bobbi Kristina's reaction when she wasn't allowed to see Whitney Houston's body. I guess that's an experience one doesn't soon forget.

But what strikes me as especially tragic is how the people around her are handling Bobbi Kristina's "mental breakdown." Family members are reportedly afraid the teen might be suicidal. She's already been hospitalized and released twice for "stress and anxiety" and is said to be "hysterical, exhausted, and inconsolable." Well, of course she's hysterical; who wouldn't be? But she doesn't need to be hospitalized. In fact, the isolation could make things worse.


Bobbi Kristina spent the majority of her childhood as her mother's caretaker, and now Houston is gone. What she needs right now is a caretaker of her own, someone to hold her hand all night long and make sure she doesn't do anything drastic.

What Bobbi Kristina really needs right now is what she's always needed: A mother.

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Hopefully her father's presence will do some good -- Bobby Brown canceled a concert with New Edition to fly to Los Angeles and be with his daughter. I'm not sure what kind of relationship Bobbi Kristina has with her dad, but being with close family is definitely important right now ... as opposed to being surrounded by strangers in a hospital. Bobbi Kristina isn't sick or losing her mind: It's normal for an 18-year-old to fall apart when a parent dies. It's normal for a person of any age to fall apart when a parent dies.

Bobbi Kristina will never "get over" her mother's loss. But she can "get through" this tragic time with the right people around her.

Do you think Bobbi Kristina needs to be hospitalized for her breakdown?


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