Molly Sims Wears Spanx While Pregnant, but You Don't Have to

Molly SimsMolly Sims, one Hollywood's nine million pregnant women, has a secret. Well, it's not really a secret since she blurted it out on the red carpet a few days ago, but more of an interesting factoid. The supermodel is currently having a love affair with Spanx.

Sims, who's currently four months along, exclaimed, "I'm wearing Spanx! They're holding everything in! I have seen fat deposit in places that I have never seen! I broke down and went to A Pea in the Pod the other day -- I had to buy a new bra!"

I like it. Honest beauty info from a pregnant celebrity. None of that "I've been doing pilates twice a day 10 days a week and subsisting solely wheat grass" caca. But I'm also a little bit jealous. I wish I could wear Spanx.


Not too long ago I made a trip to my neighborhood maternity store to finally get some clothes that will work with what I've got going on right now. I bought an adorable top, a pair of jeggings, and a pack of Spanx, which, obviously I didn't try on, 'cause that would be gross if I didn't buy them.

When I got home, I ripped open the package, excited to slip into something that would help me slip into things better, and what I got was sheer disappointment. I looked ... weird. And I was in pain -- things felt more squished than they already do (yes, I bought the maternity ones). See, the Spanx didn't so much slim my newly voluptuous figure down so much as just shift things around and give me that is-she-or-isn't-she pregnant look. Major disappointment. Especially since one doesn't return Spanx.

It's okay, though, ever since I entered my six month I've learned a few tricks of the trade on how to .. not look sloppy while pregnant.

Tights. I've always been one to wear tights under leggings (and sometimes even jeans!) in the winter 'cause I live in New York and I'm freezing! But now tights have taken on a whole new meaning. They seem to lift and suck in all the right places -- and they don't crush my insides.

Leggings. Leggings have become my best friend since I've gotten pregnant. And the best part is, I already had a whole bunch of 'em. It's hard to look sloppy and dumpy in leggings since they're so tight. Just be sure to wear a shirt long enough to cover up your bottom.

Heels. I know, heels during pregnancy are dangerous, but they really do wonders for making you look slimmer. If you're going to rock a pair, I advise a wedge or something more sturdy than a stiletto. You don't want to fall.

A good bra. Molly's right. You need to get a new bra when you're pregnant. Perhaps several. Trying to squeeze your newly-blossomed "twins" into whatever you were wearing before will only result in back fat. And that's never cute.

So, if you're like me and Spanx just don't do it for you (or if you don't want to spend the money), fear not, there are plenty of ways to look neat, polished, and red carpet ready while pregnant. Even if you're, you know, just going to work.

What did you wear while pregnant? Any tips?


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