Hilary Duff Gets Cheesy, But Sweet, Present at Her Baby Shower

hilary duffHilary Duff and her baby-to-be were showered with love this weekend when her sister Haylie, mom, and a few friends threw her, well, a baby shower. Surely, the star got plenty of super fancy, organic, diamond-encrusted, one-of-a-kind baby gifts -- she's a pregnant celeb, it's a rule -- but I think some of the best gifts of all were the super cheap -- super cheesy -- ones. Like the adorably horrific bib her sister gave her.


After the shower, Haylie tweeted a cute photo of herself holding up a bib that read, "My Aunt Is Hot. And Single" against her sis's pregnant belly. Now, let me just say, bibs and onesies that contain messages like this: Not a fan. But the photo of the happy mom and aunt-to-be: Straight-up adorable.

People love buying baby gifts for pregnant women. I know I do -- it's such an exciting, fun time. And although said gifts may not always be ... to mom-to-be's liking, who cares? I've recently realized that if the gift makes the giver happy, doesn't really matter who else likes it. Pregnant ladies, myself included, should shut it and be grateful people want to share in their joy. Let me explain.

Not that long ago a co-worker of my husband's gave the daddy-to-be a gift. It was a onesie that contained a similar message to Hilary's baby's bib -- yes, the word "hottie" was on it. When my husband brought it home, I was thankful that his kind co-worker thought to buy our baby such a thing ... but I knew in the back of my mind that it would probably never make it around my child's neck. It's just not my style.

A few weeks later, I ran into the person who bequeathed this baby gift unto us, and I thanked her. She was so excited about what she had picked out. She smiled and gushed about how she thought it was so cute and perfect for us. Clearly, she really loved it.

I kind of felt like a jerk for not liking it.

I realized that the kind of gifts people give my husband and me really don't matter. If we don't get the crap we put on our registry, who cares? We're having a baby! And clearly, this baby already has a great support system and lots of people who care about her -- and really, what's more important than that?

And besides, the cheesiest gifts obviously come with the most love.

Did you get things for your baby that just weren't your style? Did you use them?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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