Demi Moore Should Stop Acting Like a Heartbroken Teen & Start Acting Like a Mom

demi mooreI wouldn't trade places with Demi Moore right now for anything. Heartbreak, health crisis, humiliation (whip-its?!) ... Moore is going through what would be considered an undeniably rough patch in any woman's life. 

But Demi Moore isn't just a woman, she's also a mom. With three daughters who are just becoming young women themselves: Tallulah, 18, Scout, 20, and Rumer, 23. I'm sure Moore would be horrified to see any one of her girls respond to a breakup with the kind of breakdown she's having. (I would be horrified to see any girl over the age of 15 respond to a breakup with the kind of breakdown she's having.) As their mother, isn't it her duty to set an example she'd want them to follow?


Of course the answer to that question is yes, but for some reason, Moore still can't hold it together. I'm not criticizing the star, by the way -- her life has been filled with turmoil from the start. Is it really fair to expect normal, healthy behavior from a human being who has never truly experienced normalcy?

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The fact remains: Normal, healthy behavior is exactly what Tallulah, Scout, and Rumer deserve from their mother. Simply because, you know, she's their mother.

Sadly, something tells me this kind of drama IS normal for those girls. But that doesn't make the latest chapter of the Demi Moore saga any less painful or traumatic for her daughters to endure. Even if they're used to seeing their mom's face all over the tabloids and worrying about whether or not she's starving herself to death or about to overdose on prescription drugs, that doesn't mean they've completely given up hope. 

Demi Moore could still turn this one around, setting a pretty phenomenal example for her daughters in the process. Can you imagine? If Moore made a real, genuine, lasting recovery, what an incredibly powerful lesson would that teach her kids about the strength of the human spirit.

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Here's hoping Moore gets well soon, for the sake of her daughters.

Do you think Demi Moore owes it to her girls to pull herself together?


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