Kristin Cavallari Shouldn't Tell People Her Pregnancy Is an Accident

kristin cavallariBy now I'm sure you've heard all about how Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are, randomly, expecting their first child together. But have you heard this latest gem about the two? About how the pregnancy is an accident? Not that you didn't already know that -- who didn't already know that? -- but why is this all over the Intarwebz now? (Yes, the irony of me writing this on the Internet is noted, thankyouverymuch.)

In the early hours of the morning, TMZ broke the news about how the little bun in Kristin's oven was not planned. Apparently sources close to the site said that Kristin and Jay had discussed the possibility of kids -- eventually -- but didn't plan on having any for quite some time. Again, no s**t. But isn't it a tad irresponsible to be letting the world know this when you're a celebrity? They shouldn't tell a soul! Clearly, it's going to get out. And clearly your child is going to be informed that they were an accident once they're old enough to read.


Look, I don't know the intricacies of Kristin and Jay's relationship any more than the next guy. All I have to go on is good ol' speculation. And what I can speculate is that neither one of them is acting quite like parents just yet. Certain things -- no matter how obvious they are -- should be kept quiet. We don't need to know that this child was an accident. For all we (naively) knew, the two of them had been planning for this baby for years.

As someone who is about to become a parent for the first time soon, I realize that it's not easy to just switch off "selfish, childish mode" and go into "mature, responsible mode." But I do know that it can be done, as I've done it -- a few times -- during my gestation. It isn't easy putting somebody else before you when you've pretty much put yourself first all your life -- particularly when that somebody is someone you're yet to meet.

I know pregnant celebrities and Hollywood babies are all the rage these days, but hopefully Kristin and Jay will stay mum on private details like this going forward. Tell us all about the colors you're going to paint the nursery -- that's fun! But don't tell anyone this baby was an accident. That's just a bad idea.

Would you -- or did you -- tell people if your child was an accident?


Image via nick step/Flickr

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