If Seal Has a 'Bad Temper,' Heidi Klum Is Doing What's Best for Her Kids

heidi klum sealSad news! Here's another celeb couple we didn't want to see split up: Heidi Klum and Seal have separated. It's hard to believe that one of the most beautiful couples ever in the history of of humans walking upright is donesville after just 7 years. Heidi and Seal deny that the breakup has anything to do with infidelity. But the real reason behind the split, if TMZ is to believed, is surprising: Seal's temper.

If that's actually the real reason (and that's a big "if") I think that might be a pretty good reason to at least take a break. I know the couple has 3 kids of their own, plus another young child from Heidi's previous relationship. But this move might be better for everyone.


All four of the kids in that household are very young. They range from 2 to 7. And having a lot of anger around small children can be stressful and damaging for those kids -- even more damaging than the trauma of having their parents split. This is one of the tragic realities behind divorce. It's rough on kids, but being around fighting parents is even worse.

I'm not sure what to think. It's almost too easy to say that your partner has a "bad temper." I hope no one is falsely accusing Seal of that. If it's true, that's a private matter. But it's a situation that other families might relate to. It happens -- couples sometimes break up because one of the parents struggles with emotional issues. Even if they wanted to work it out together the couple has to think about the impact their difficulties have on the kids. 

Divorce is hard on everyone, including kids. It's a hard call to make: Stick together and try to change a tumultuous relationship, or separate and face raising the kids between two households? It's not a dilemma you'd wish on any family.

Which do you think is worse, exposing small children to an adult with a temper, or divorcing?

Image via ABC News/YouTube

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