Are Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt the New Duggars?

angelina jolie pregnant cover of ok magazineRemember back in December when Angelina Jolie told Marie Claire, "I could end up pregnant"? Obviously the actress can't just say something like that and not expect the whole world's ears to perk up. We've been on pregnant Angie patrol ever since! And now, rumor has it that baby #7 might be on the way. A source told OK! magazine that Angie's "almost three months along," but being that it's so early on, "it's not something she wants to officially announce ... she is telling a very select group of people." (Ack -- I guess as a celeb, it's kinda hard to contain word about anything personal from getting out though, huh?)

If this is true, seems to me Angie and Brad better prepare for a barrage of taunting. You know, in the vein of whether or not the Jolie-Pitt brood is basically trying to outdo the Duggars or some such!


But that would be just plain silly. It's not like a seventh Jolie-Pitt baby would come as much of a surprise to anyone! Angie's made it known that she loves the family she's built with Brad and that she's not opposed to having another child. And as far as judging them for possibly procreating some more, meh, let's not be ridiculous. They're world-famous, uber-successful celebs. They have tons of money, space, and child care at their disposal. Seems they've done just fine with their six kiddos ... One more probably wouldn't be the straw that broke the camel's back!

All in all, I'd say, if Angie and Brad are planning on welcoming another baby, it's awesome news for them. They've always made comments about "the more, the merrier." That just seems to be their feeling on family life, and if that's what makes them happy and they can handle it, hey, more power to 'em!

What do you think about Angie and Brad possibly having a seventh baby -- awesome news or would they be going overboard?


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