Ellen DeGeneres' 'Celebrity Baby Name Generator' Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Ellen DeGeneresIs it me, or can Ellen DeGeneres pretty much get away with anything? It's hard to imagine too many other celebrities making fun of Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby's name, Blue Ivy, right out of the gate, unusual though the moniker may be, and coming off smelling like such a (very funny) rose. But DeGeneres, who notes that she and wife Portia de Rossi do not have kids -- "which is why we get to eat our food while it's still hot," she quips -- totally pulls it off. Big time.


In fact, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, DeGeneres has bravely gone where no celebrity has gone before -- she reveals the secret behind all those weird celebrity baby names, of which Blue Ivy is really only a mild example (it's no Fifi Trixibelle or Sage Moonblood, after all): "The Celebrity Baby Name Generator!" (As soon as you become a celebrity, you get one -- natch!) Pairing names like "Banjo" with "Fire Escape" and "Elbow" with "Gas Lamp" -- with only the press of a button -- the Celebrity Baby Name Generator is really a wonderful tool. Wish I'd had it when I was naming my two kids.

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Seriously, I have to hand it to DeGeneres, I think she could market this thing and make a few bucks. Think of all the time she could save prospective parents seeking a name for their kids they won't hear a million times over on the playground. No more poring over the Social Security Administration's Popular Baby Names website. Forget reading piles of baby name books. Just press a button and you too could have a perfect -- and perfectly peculiar -- star-offspring-worthy tag for your tyke: "Key Chain Moon"? "Lozenge Morocco"? Love it. Thanks, Ellen!

Do you wish you had a Celebrity Baby Name Generator for naming your kids?


Image via Tulane Public Relations/Flickr

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