Brad Pitt Gets Hurt So His Daughter Doesn't

Brad PittBrad Pitt caused all sorts of speculation recently at the Palm Springs International Film Festival when he was seen hobbling around with a cane. First the glasses, now the cane, some wondered if Brad is just getting old. Others thought it could be due to a motorcycle injury or too much partying in Vegas. Fortunately, it was for none of those, but rather the sweetest of reasons. 

See, that cane he's been sporting isn't just some accessory he's trying to make hip, like the loathsome Scott Disick once tried to do. Rather, Brad is using the cane due to an ACL injury he got while trying to save one of his kids from harm. Now, that's a sexy accessory.


He told Gossip Cop:

I was carrying my daughter [Vivienne] down the hill [while on ski slopes] and I slipped. It was either her or me that was going to get hurt.

What a great daddy move, but really who among us wouldn't do the same thing? It's amazing how instinctively when we become parents we put our children's safety and health before our own, no matter how selfish we once were.  Most of us don't even have think about it when it comes to a situation when our child's safety is in danger, everything in our being makes us want to save them and put them ahead of ourselves. 

It's also crazy just how dangerous parenting can be. Often we give up high-risk activities when we become parents, but parenting presents a whole new set of hazards. From toys left on stairs, to carrying children under some of the worst circumstances, to potty training injuries, parenting is fraught with physical pitfalls. It's part of the job, and like Brad, most of us take the hits as we need to are actually glad when we can. Because too often when it comes to illness or injury befalling our children there's nothing we can do. So when we can, we relish that little bit of power we have over their well being.

Have you ever been injured trying to protect your child?

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