Giuliana Rancic's Positive Attitude Will Make Her an Amazing Mom

giuliana rancic bill rancicWow. I just continue to be completely amazed by Giuliana Rancic. From the moment she came forward and shared her cancer diagnosis with the world, she's been nothing but courageous, optimistic, and perhaps most impressive of all, honest. She hasn't faked any smiles or forced any brave words -- she admits that her journey is a struggle (to say the least).

That's what makes her positive outlook all the more inspiring, especially when it comes to having kids. Rancic says she and her husband Bill aren't going to stop trying to get pregnant -- no way! In fact, they're apparently game to start as soon as her doctors tell her she's ready.


Good for her! I can't imagine what the past few months have been like for Rancic; what the toll of a double mastectomy must be, both physically and emotionally. But Rancic didn't let the trip to hell and back break her spirit. She's not going to let it stop her from starting a family, either:

“We’re not done trying and we want kids. We’re not getting younger. As soon as we’ve recovered from this and I feel healthy enough to move on and our doctor says it’s OK to get pregnant, we certainly will.”

And it all goes back to that optimistic outlook:

“Attitude is what got me to heal so quickly, having that goal. At a time when it could have been very easy to sit in bed and feel bad for myself, instead of focusing on the bad, I did this every day: I thought about what I am lucky for in my life. I looked at all the positive.”

Like I said, wow. Amazing. And all of us, breast cancer victims or not, should try to follow Giuliana Rancic's lead.

Don't you think Giuliana Rancic's positive outlook will make her a great mom someday?


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