Keri Russell's Baby Is In for Some Name Teasing

keri russellKeri Russell and husband Shane Deary welcomed a baby girl to their family of three this December 27. Keri and Shane had son River four years ago and I'm sure they're thrilled about their latest addition. I hope the cute little girl gets all of Keri's enviable curls. What I wouldn't give for hair like hers -- it was a dark day when she chopped it all off. Anyway! Enough about Keri's locks. I'm sure you're wondering what she named her daughter. It's a natural question, and one that has an ... interesting answer.

If you assumed that with a son named River, Keri and Shane would choose a similarly unusual and flowy name for their second child, you'd be right. They named her ...


Willa Lou Deary.

As in, Willa Lou repeat that for me because I'm not quite sure what you said. It's an intriguing name and I think it's cute. I love "Willa" -- very sweet yet sturdy. Modern yet vintage. I take slight concern with the middle name only because when slurred with the first, it sounds like you're asking someone for a favor rather than saying her name.

Willa Lou pass me that blanket? Willa Lou join me in a toast? Willa Lou want fresh ground pepper on your salad? Willa Lou bail me out of jail? Willa Lou stop making fun of my name? You see what I mean.

Other than that, I think the name's adorable and befitting of someone who has Felicity, er, Keri as a mother. Keri seems so natural, down to earth, and breezy. The name Willa evokes those same sentiments -- it seems like the perfect moniker for their little bundle of joy. Oh, and the last name Deary is just too good to be true, right?

Congrats, my Dearys!

What do you think of the name Willa Lou?


Photo via darkchacal/Flickr

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