Dakota Fanning on 'Cosmo' Cover Isn't What's Corrupting Your Teen

Dakota Fanning Cosmopolitan CoverDid you hear the latest kerfuffle over a magazine cover model? Nope, not Photoshop this time. Word has it teen actress Dakota Fanning is a shocking choice for the cover of Cosmopolitan because, gasp, she's just 17. And the cover has the word vagina on there! Besides, you know what they talk about in the pages of these lady mags, don't you?

Lean in close now, and let me whisper it for you. Because I wouldn't want to shock any teenagers now, would I?


Ahem, they talk about SEX! Yes indeedy do, it's all about talking off your clothes and getting freak nasty. And guess what, folks?

Dakota Fanning is not going to be any teen girl's gateway drug to sexytown. Teens have been reading this "smut" for years. I know I sure as heck did.

The guiding principle of teenagers is they always want to feel older than they are. So by the time we hit the tween years (which were still called pre-teen back in the day ... yes, I'm oooold), we were already begging for Teen Beat. And when we actually GOT to the teen years, we were sooo moving on to YM and Seventeen.

And then as we approached the latter years of high school, after years of already reading those mags, we had taken every "are you a bad friend" quiz and mastered every acne hiding technique, and we were bored. With our own babysitting money in hand, we were ready to roll with the big girls. So we weren't actually having sex, that didn't mean we didn't want to imagine the 35 ways to make him scream.

Sure, at 17, you'd think Dakota Fanning would be more appropriate for the cover of Seventeen. But what are the chances she actually reads it? Slim to none. In fact, find me a high school senior who still reads Seventeen cover-to-cover, and I'm going to bet you someone else bought her the subscription. Even Jamie Kieles, the teen who gained Internet fame in 2010 for her Seventeen Magazine Project, told us she only bought the mag regularly when she was younger; by senior year, she'd moved on to more adult (read: more racy) fare.

So let's leave Dakota Fanning alone, m'kay? Your teens are already corrupt. She doesn't have to do it for them.

What does your teen daughter read?


Image via Cosmopolitan

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