Sienna Miller Is the Coolest Pregnant Celebrity of All

sienna millerSienna Miller is reportedly pregnant, and honestly, this news makes for one of the best days thus far in my pregnancy. Why? Because I love Sienna Miller. No, like love. My obsession affinity for her started a few years ago when she was filming Alfie, and I haven't looked back since. Except to look at old outfits of hers.

So, of course I'd be excited that she's pregnant -- no matter if I was expecting at the same time as her or not. But the fact that I am and she can now be my "pregnant celebrity buddy," well, this just makes everything that much better. I knew we were cosmically linked.


If it seems like there are tons of pregnant celebrities right now, that's because there are. We've got Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Kourtney Kardashian, Hilary Duff, and Jennifer Garner to name a few. And while these women are all lovely and adorable and fun to peruse pictures of, none of them speak to me. Sure, I like them, but I don't love any of them. I mean, I'll admit, Beyonce has worn some fierce get-ups that have been inspiring since she's been with child, but as for everyone else, well, I think their maternity looks are just okay. Actually, pretty boring. Sienna is more my style. I've always loved her look, and I'm genuinely chomping at the bit to see how she's going to rock her bump. (I'm mostly interested in things like celeb pregnancy style, as, well, I'm not going to take pregnancy advice from any of these women. They're starlets, not doctors.)

I realize I may sound kind of crazy, but this sliver of celeb baby gossip has honestly made my day. I look forward to reading -- and chronicling (stay tuned!) -- about how Sienna handles the next few months and, even more exciting, what her baby's name will be. And, hey, since I'm due before her, maybe I can even give her some advice. Call me, girl.

Who was your "pregnant celebrity buddy"?


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