Jessica Simpson Won't Have Jessica Alba's Body After Pregnancy

jessica simpsonCelebs. They're just like us! They, too, covet other celebs' postpartum bodies, and hope that someday, somehow, they'll be able to look like them. Take who-knows-how-many-months-pregnant Jessica Simpson. The lovable chronic-oversharer recently declared that her "goal" after she has her baby is to get a body like Jessica Alba's. She posted to her Twitter page: "New goal: Look like Jessica Alba after baby. Job well done, lady!"

Aw, that's sweet. I love when celebs compliment other celebs. But I'm going to have to be the bearer of bad news to Jessica S. As lovely as she is, she never had a body like Jessica Alba to begin with.


She has a fantastic body, but not a Jessica Alba body. Jessica 1 (Simpson) is short and voluptuous. Jessica 2 (Alba) is tall (seen her in person -- humblebrag!), sort of curvy, and, well, not normal. So, mathematically speaking, it's virtually impossible for Jessica 1 to look Jessica 2, post-baby or otherwise.

I get what Jessica 1 meant -- she didn't want Jessica 2's actual body per se, she wants to snap back into shape quickly like she did. And that's fine. But she should realize that it may take her a heck of a lot longer than it took Jessica 2. Because they have different body types.

Jessica 1's innocent comment lends itself to a bigger discussion, though: Women who aspire to whip back into shape 1, 2, 3 after pregnancy like every woman in Hollywood. It's unrealistic. We're not them to begin with. Chances are, we didn't have their bodies to start off, so why would we after giving birth? We're built differently from them. And we don't have access to all their trainers, surgeons, and cleanses to boot. It's a pipe dream for most that will never, ever happen.

Aspire to get into good shape for you after giving birth -- and at a healthy speed. If you were 130 pounds to start, don't put the unrealistic goal of getting down to 105 after. It really isn't the time for a major diet. You've got a baby to take care of. And what should take precedence over that?

Did you have a weight "goal" after giving birth?


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