Michelle Obama Uses 'iCarly' to Tell Military Kids They're Heroes Too (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama iCarlyAdd this to the messages from America's first mom that are worth listening to: it's nice to praise your kids to other people. But sometimes they need to hear it too. First Lady Michelle Obama is doing just that for the teenage children of our troops with an upcoming appearance on tween favorite iCarly.

Mrs. O is expected to show up to tell Carly (played by Miranda Cosgrove), the teenage daughter of an Air Force officer stationed overseas, that she's doing a great job as a supportive daughter. It would be a good message anywhere, but its placement really drives home just how important it is to tell these kids they matter.


On a show specifically directed at kids, she'll be sharing a message they really need to hear. The children of military families are essentially serving too. They sacrifice their moms and dads for the sake of our nation. That's no small thing. Sadly, these kids often end up paying a serious price. Teens of military personnel especially are more prone to difficulties with school and more behavior problems than their peers.

And no wonder. By the time kids hit the teen years, they're torn between being kids and trying to pretend they're adults. It's hard enough for them to handle their own baggage before we parents add to the mix.

This isn't a knock on parents in the military; I think we all tend to do this to some extent. We forget that we don't operate in a vacuum. Our lives affect our kids. And teenagers are usually much more astute than they're given credit for.

They might seem strong, but they still need to be parented. That means lots of encouragement and back-slapping. And the kids of military parents could use even more of it. They're serving too. They're our heroes too!

Check out Mrs. Obama's visit to the set to prep for her appearance on January 16:

Do you know a military kid who could use a hug and a reminder that their efforts matter too?


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