Lily Allen's 'Old Lady' Baby Name Should Start a Trend

Reports are saying that British singer Lily Allen has named her baby daughter born last November Ethel Mary. The name is adorable and sweet and reminiscent of lace doilies, handkerchiefs, and home baked pies. It's perfectly tailored for babies and for women in their '80s.

The name Ethel was taken from a show Lily likes (EastEnders) and certainly has the big three for baby names: 1.) Easy to pronounce 2.) Easy to spell 3.) Rare enough to make her unusual.

Personally, I approve. I happen to love old lady names on little girl babies and old man names on little boy babies. If you like it, too, here are some more ideas:



  • Mildred: This one comes with the added bonus of having an adorable nickname -- Millie. How cute is that? Even though the name makes me think of retirement homes, I kind of love it for a little girl with pigtails and oodles of energy, too. 
  • Ida: This one is from one of my favorite children's book (Outside, Over There). In my whole life, I've only known one Ida. It's unusual and has no nicknames.
  • Rose: This one is becoming more popular. I know three babies named Rose. But it's a great middle name, too. 
  • Edith: The only Ediths I've known have been at least one generation ahead of me and the nickname Edy always keeps it modern.
  • Beatrice: This was my grandmother's name and one I particularly love. It has an excellent modern nickname, too. Who wouldn't love to be Bebe?


  • Henry: This one was seconds from being my son's name (and is his middle name) except we know too many Henry babies! It has enjoyed a major resurgence. 
  • Alfred: How cute is this name on a little bundle of baby, especially if you called him "Alfie"?
  • Harry: This one is also popular again, but very cute.
  • Mortimer: Not many boys can pull this name off, but I have the feeling the Morty who can would be one of a kind. 
  • Theodore: This one is so sweet. Theo is a great name in many ways.

What old people name do you like?

Image via petercruise/Flickr

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