10 Celebrity Babies We Can't Wait to Meet in 2012

BeyonceWe saw a lot of exciting celebrity baby births in 2011. From Mariah Carey to Miranda Kerr and Rachel Zoe, it was certainly a year filled with some fabulous arrivals. It seemed everywhere we turned, there were naked pregnancy portraits followed by beautiful breastfeeding pictures and adorable new family shots.

It was also a year filled with some exciting pregnancy announcements, which leave us waiting with bated breath for the impending arrivals already on the calendar for 2012. As those baby bumps grow, so does our excitement about finally meeting these new babes ... and by "meet," I mean at least seeing pictures of them. Here are the 10 most anticipated celebrity babies of 2012.


1. Beyonce

The singer has had one of the most watched pregnancies of modern time. After all the drama on New Year's Eve in which we thought she and Jay-Z had already become parents, we're still waiting. Word has it that her due date is in February, but who really knows when the little genetically-blessed babe will be born.

2. Jessica Simpson

After years of rumors that she was, she finally is expecting a baby with fiance Eric Johnson. Once he or she arrives, it's on to the wedding that they've been postponing until after the birth.

3. Jennifer Garner

She and husband Ben Affleck make adorable kids. So seeing Violet and Seraphina play big sis to a new little one is going to be too cute to handle.

4. Hilary Duff

She and husband Mike Comrie are expecting their new arrival in March, according to reports. The young mom-to-be has embraced this pregnancy with passion and some really cute fashion along the way.

5. Rachel Uchitel

No matter what you think of Tiger Woods' former mistress, you have to admit it will be interesting to see her take on motherhood. She's battled some pretty big problems in the past, but hopefully the future is going to be bright for her and her new family.

6. Kourtney Kardashian

It's going to be hard to compete with the adorableness that is Mason Disick, but we bet number two will be every bit as cute. And the two of them together ... well, that might just require another spin-off.

The only thing more exciting than the arrival of these babes is, of course, who might get themselves knocked up in 2012. Here are few we're hoping to see with baby bumps soon that I'm adding to the list as well:

7. Fergie

When asked by People on New Year's Eve if this could be the year she finally gets pregnant, she said, "Maybe, who knows?" We'll optimistically take that as a yes.

8. Khloe Kardashian

She and husband Lamar Odom have had their fair share of struggles, but we're rooting for them down in Dallas that 2012 is the year for them. How awesome would it be for her and Kourt to be pregnant at the same time?

9. Kate Middleton

We need more royal fixes, and a pregnancy would provide them aplenty. It doesn't seem to be matter of if, but when at this point. But the world is ready.

10. Lindsay Lohan -- TOTALLY Kidding. Please, no.

Which babies are you most excited to see born in 2012?

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