Pregnant Jessica Simpson Can Wear Whatever Shoes She Wants

OMG, you guys, I just read the most terrible news about Jessica Simpson's pregnancy! According to reports, Simpson is unknowingly—or worse, knowingly—putting her health and possibly even the health of her baby at risk ... all for the sake of VANITY.

What's she doing, you ask? Binding her belly with painful canvas restraints? Eating mercury-laden raw fish in an attempt to curb the carbs? Smoking a pack a day and guzzling directly from a bottle of grain alcohol while bungee-jumping and undergoing unnecessary X-rays AND changing the cat litter?

It's even worse: Simpson has been spotted wearing a pair of heels. OH, THE HUMANITY!


Apparently Simpson was "risking serious injury" recently when she went to lunch in a pair of "dangerously high heels." I was initially unclear why the shoes were so deadly (filled with poisonous toxins?), but it seems there's at least one school of thought that by wearing heels during pregnancy, she's increasing her chances of getting a slipped disc in her spine.

Ah, the pregnancy panic police strike again. Poor Jessica Simpson can't catch a break—if she's not being bashed for packing on too much weight, she's being criticized for her shoes.

While the article describes her as "tottering" in her "towering" heels, they actually look pretty darn sturdy to me. They have a chunky toe, ankle straps, and while the heel itself is fairly tall, I'm sure she's quite capable of walking in those types of shoes. Now, you put me in a shoe like that and I'd probably trip over the nearest rug, but that's because I've been working from home for over a year and 85 percent of the time I'm not wearing any shoes at all. It's all about what you're used to.

I actually wore lots of heels during my second pregnancy because 1) I was so happy that I didn't develop horrifying cankles like I did when I was pregnant the first time (August 31 birthday, man), and 2) wearing nice clothes and accessories made me feel good about myself.

I'm sure it's possible for a pregnant woman to injure herself in a pair of heels, but come on, saying that Simpson is engaging in a dangerous activity by wearing a pair of leopard-print shoes is taking things too far. Personally, I think she looks great: happy, healthy, full of self-confidence, and enjoying every bit of her pregnancy. I say as long as it doesn't hurt, what the hell—keep on rocking the heels until labor starts.

What do you think about heels during pregnancy? Did you ban them for safety's sake?

Image via Flickr/Lil~Wolfy

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