Amber Portwood Needs to Hit Rock Bottom to Get Her Life Back

amber portwood leahThe latest news about Amber Portwood (and yes, there is still more news) pretty much proves that the struggling young mother has now officially made the transition from "Teen Mom star" to, simply, "addict." Portwood has been accused of violating her probation for failing to show up at two scheduled drug screenings and for possession of a controlled substance (as yet unidentified).

It's sad, of course. But we know that already. We know that it's sad for Portwood and even more sad for her little daughter Leah and it's sad for everyone involved.

But now we know something else. We know that Portwood is, without a doubt, an addict. And so we know that as tragic and train wreck-ish as her life has been lately, it's going to get worse. It has to get worse.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Because every addict has to hit bottom -- rock bottom -- before recovery can truly begin.


We're all rooting for Portwood. I really think that's the case -- no matter how frustrated we get with the girl, everyone watching would be happy and relieved to see her pull it together and become the kind of woman her daughter can respect.

And so we've groaned and cringed every time she's screwed up. Not again! But that was coming from the perspective of every misstep taking her one step further away from the goal: To be a healthy, functional human being and mother.

Now, I think, it's time to look at her situation differently. Like, we know she's going to have to crash and burn big time -- BIG TIME -- before she starts to really turn her life around. It's the classic addiction/recovery pattern, and Portwood is not above this cycle. She is not immune.

So you know what? Let her go to jail. Let her end up in solitary. Whatever needs to happen, let it happen already. Before any more of her life is wasted.

Do you think Amber Portwood has hit rock bottom yet?


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