Suri Cruise Shouldn't Get a Pony for Christmas

suri cruiseAh, Suri Cruise. The adorable child of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, who is often depicted as a tantrum-throwing, Starbucks-drinking, high heel-wearing, giant lollipop-sucking ... tot, is now under fire for wanting $130,000 worth of Christmas gifts. Oh, whatever, she's a kid.

Items on Suri's list? Diamond earrings, a dress that "makes her look like a fairy princess," and, of course, a pony.

Is she getting all of this crap? You bet. Tom and Katie have already found a stable near their Beverly Hills home.


Look, I'm all for spoiling young children on the holidays -- what, with grandparents and friends, it's inevitable that it's going to happen. It's not going to scar a child for life. As long as it's not an everyday thing, I say who cares? And of course Tom and Katie's version of spoiling is different from mine and yours. 'Cause they're loaded. But I think parents across the board need to draw the line at animals. When your child wants an animal -- be it a parakeet, a puppy, or a pony -- just say no. Unless you want a parakeet, a puppy, or a pony.

As many of you know, kids have short attention spans. And what's great to them now -- a dollhouse, a toy car, a stuffed cat -- will be old and boring to them in a few weeks or months. Now, when the obsolete item isn't alive, that's one thing; but when it's a living, breathing, pooping pony -- who will eventually grow into a horse -- it's another.

Tom and Katie -- or Tom and Katie's people -- are going to be the ones taking care of the pony once Suri tires of it. And eventually, Tom and Katie, who are probably never home, are going to tire of it also. So, really, when you think about it, this is just a bad idea all around. They should get her one of those mini chihuahuas instead. Those fit perfectly inside of play strollers. And then, eventually, Birkin bags. 

Where do you stand on buying kids pets?


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