Mom Discovers That 'Pregnant' Daughter Really Has Cancer

hospital bedWhen 16-year-old Phoebe Quatre-Morgan visited her doctor, complaining about a swollen stomach, loss of appetite, and sickness in the morning, she was told she was pregnant -- in front of her mother, no less. Phoebe insisted that it was impossible for her to be with child, and when she went in for an ultrasound, everybody saw that she was, in fact, telling the truth. The sonogram revealed that there wasn't a baby inside of Phoebe's body, but a gigantic tumor. And now the poor girl can never have children.


After undergoing surgery to have the tumor removed and months of chemotherapy, Phoebe was told that she was cancer-free. Then, months later, the growth returned, and she had to have a hysterectomy and another six months of chemo. She's been given the all-clear again, but, obviously, is not unable to bear children. Phoebe said, "The doctor was convinced I was [pregnant], telling my mum that it was common for young girls to hide pregnancy from their families -- my mum was just as shocked as me about what the doctor was telling us. I kept telling the GP I wasn't, but she just didn't listen."

I wonder what was going through Phoebe's mother's head at that point -- hearing that her 16-year-old daughter was pregnant, and at the same time hearing her daughter deny the whole thing. Who did she believe? I mean, usually, it's kind of hard to dispute what a doctor says, as they're the experts, but if Phoebe denied it so emphatically, how could she not wonder? It had to be devastating, and frustrating, and confusing for this woman, not knowing if her daughter was pregnant -- and if she could trust her.

Of course, not nearly as devastating, and frustrating, and confusing as hearing that Phoebe, her little girl, had cancer. What a terrible roller coaster of emotions the both of them must have been on. I'm sure, as a parent, though, Phoebe's mother would have much preferred to deal with her young daughter's pregnancy than to deal with her young daughter's cancer. It must have been really hard to be strong in such a situation.

Phoebe recently said that having cancer made her a stronger person, and she no longer takes things for granted and tries to "just enjoy life." I hope the same can be said for her parents. 

How do you think you would react in such a situation?


Image via viajar24h/Flickr

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