Don't Judge Suri Cruise for Throwing an Epic Tantrum

suri cruise and katie holmesPoor Katie Holmes. No, really. I know, I don't ordinarily feel moved to pity for moms who can give their children everything the world has to offer on a silver platter (or gold, or platinum), but I do feel sorry for Holmes in one respect: When her kid has a tantrum, as all children do, the moment is documented on film for all the world to see -- and criticize!

So apparently Suri Cruise had a tantrum of monstrous proportions in FAO Schwartz in NYC this week. Which, of course, served as a golden opportunity for sour-faced types everywhere to jump in and condemn the poor child as being spoiled. SPOILED! That girl is SPOILED!!

As if she were an egg-salad sandwich that was left out in the sun too long.


Look, I'm willing to bet there's not a single child who's ever walked into FAO Schwartz and NOT thrown a tantrum. You may as well take a kid into a gingerbread palace and say, "Okay, you can look at everything but you're only allowed to eat ONE Lifesaver."


It's not an everyday experience, is what I'm trying to say, and kids that little just aren't equipped to process the sensory/emotional overload. Even Suri Cruise, who can probably have Disneyworld to herself if she feels like it.

Plus, if anything, Suri's tantrum proves she's not spoiled -- clearly, Mommy said "No" to something. And stuck to her guns, too! That's impressive. If I had as much money as Katie Holmes and the paparazzi were snapping pics of my screaming kid, I'd be tempted to buy her whatever she wanted just to get her to shut up.

What was the worst public tantrum your kid ever threw?


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