Jennifer Garner Isn't Afraid to Gain Pregnancy Weight

jennifer garnerHas Jennifer Garner ever been labeled "America's Sweetheart"? Or is that title strictly reserved for Reese Witherspoon? I can't remember. Either way, right now, that honor should totally go to Jen, because she's just so damn cute and relatable.

The mother of two recently sat down with InStyle magazine and talked about her pregnancy. No, there was no waxing poetic about the "amazing" bee pollen smoothies she's been having, and there was nary a mention of the private prenatal yoga classes she'd simply die without. She talked about Doritos. And how, when she's pregnant, she just gains weight.


Garner told the mag that some of her cravings include Doritos and macaroni and cheese ("I'm trying really hard to be mindful, but when I'm making the kids mac and cheese, I want it badly."). She then added, "I wish I was one of those cute pregnant girls who wear skinny jeans throughout their pregnancies but I just gain weight."

Usually, when celebrities get pregnant, they don't look all that different. They're the women who, from the back, you'd have no idea they were pregnant (think Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, January Jones). They're thin as a rail except for -- poof -- that itty-bitty adorable baby bump that pops out just like so. When you see photos of Garner, on the other hand, she does look bigger all around. She isn't wearing skinny jeans, Louboutins, and cropped jackets. She's wearing flats. She's wearing big, comfy cardigans. She's wearing pants that aren't skin tight. And she looks happy. Much happier than any of the aforementioned ladies did while they were pregnant.

Accepting weight gain is a crucial aspect of pregnancy. Not necessarily an easy one, but important nonetheless. Worrying about packing on the pounds and not being able to fit into your clothes adds unnecessary pressure and stress to what can already be a pressure-filled, stressful time.

You have a human growing inside of you. You're going to gain weight. Deal. I'm not saying turn yourself into a human garbage disposal, but don't worry about counting calories. Just use your brain, and listen to your body. If you're craving something sweet, go for it. If you're still hungry after a slice of pizza, have another one. No one knows what your baby and your body want more than you. And if you just accept that, for nine-plus months, your body isn't going to be what it normally is, the ride will be a whole lot more pleasant than if you fight it.

Did you have issues gaining weight when pregnant?

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