Octomom Is Getting Paid to Give Parenting Advice

sulemanOn the face of it, the news that Nadya Suleman, better known to the world as "Octomom," has just signed a six-figure (!) deal to host a weekly Internet show on which she will dispense, among other things, parenting advice is patently absurd. This is a woman who is, after all, famous for giving birth via IVF to octuplets when she already had six young children, no partner, no job, and no clear indication of financial stability. She's probably not exactly the paragon of parenthood most mothers (or fathers) would choose to pattern themselves after.


But then, when you stop and think about it, maybe a woman who is single-handedly raising 14 children (whatever you think of the wisdom of her having them) could teach us a thing or two about parenthood. After all, one way another, she does seem to be making her crazy situation work (after a fashion) -- and pay dividends: The show, which will debut later this month on something called Ustream, will be streamed live every Sunday from her home. How many of us have figured out a way to make that kind of serious cash working one day a week without ever leaving our house? Yeah, me neither.

So let's think what helpful parenting advice Suleman might have on tap for us, in addition to, maybe, how to get someone to pay you six figures to host your own weekly Internet video program from home. Hmmm ...

How to toilet train eight children simultaneously when you only have one bathroom?

How to coordinate playdates for 14 kids and still find time to brush your teeth?

Key techniques for teaching kids to change one another's diapers?

Pasta recipes they'll eat all week?

Bus-driving (and bulk belt-buckling) for beginners?

Strategies for remembering all your children's names?

Really, when you come right down to it, the possibilities are endless.

What lessons do you think we could all stand to learn from Octomom?


Image via YouTube

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