Selena Gomez Gets Exciting Baby News!

Selena GomezNo, Selena Gomez is not pregnant ... at least not as far as I know. She did, however, get some exciting news that a baby is on the way -- for her mother. That's right, Selena, 19, is going to become a big sister.

She posted the news Friday on her Instagram site along with a picture of her mom, Mandy Dawn Cornett, and her stepfather, Brian Teefey. She wrote: “Momma and Brian are finally letting me share the news... My mommys carrying my baby brother or sister :) I'm the happiest girl in the world! ”

Aww, so sweet, but wow what an age gap!


As a mother, I can't imagine starting all over again from infancy 19 years after having done it before. There is almost six years between my children, and going back to the beginning was one of the most difficult things I've ever done. I'm so glad we did, but I can't say it wasn't without struggle. It was like we'd done it all before, but had forgotten how, but sorta were prepared, but weren't. On the other hand, we only had one in diapers at a time, and our son was old enough to understand what was happening and help.

As a sister, I love the idea of a large age gap. My sister is 15 years younger than me, and while it would have been great to grow up "together" more, the age gap has had benefits for us both. She's the best aunt ever because she's young and fun and has been able to stay with us for entire summers while she's been in college; plus, I like to think she's been able to learn from some of my trials and errors in life. And for most of my life, I thought I would never have a sister. Then one day sitting in algebra, I got word that she had arrived. What a wonderful and unexpected surprise in life.

The age gap between Selena and her little brother or sister is going to be even steeper, but can you imagine a better big sister? How cool will it be to have a famous sister who is (or who was?) dating Justin Bieber, AND -- perhaps more importantly in the kid's younger years -- she worked with Barney. That baby is pretty much guaranteed popularity from the womb.

In any case, congratulations to the entire family. Let's just hope that's the only baby news we hear regarding Selena, for a few years at least.

What's the biggest age gap between you and your siblings or between your kids? Do you think a big age gap is hard or helpful?

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