Angelina Jolie's Creepy Mom Fetish Is Totally Relatable

Angelina JolieParents, prepare for the shock of your lives. Angelina Jolie, high holy priestess of Hollywood, sexiest mom alive, cream to Brad Pitt's coffee, really is just like the rest of us. When it comes to mementos of her children's early days, she just can't let go.

OK, so this is Angie we're talking about here. She's the same celeb known for wearing vials of blood. So it's no surprise her particular packrat priority is rumored to be a tad bit ... unusual. Any guesses?


A friend told In Touch that Angie keeps her kids' discarded Band-Aids. Go ahead, let your ewwwwww out. But you know what? I sort of get it.

If the Pitt-Jolie kids are anything like my daughter, you can more or less track their likes and dislikes by the characters on their bandages. When she was a wee one, there were bound to be Sesame Street characters. These days it's more like Phineas & Ferb. It's a sure sign of the passage of time. And to Angie's credit, she's said to keep the bandages are in a jar; it's not like she's got them piled up on her bedside table.

I, on the other hand, have a baggie of baby teeth in my underwear drawer. It's a fact that has my husband completely squicked. But I'm not sure where else to put them right now. With a 6-year-old who is still in the midst of the whole "I believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and the Easter Bunny" stage of childhood, moving them means risking her finding them when she's snooping for hidden Christmas presents. And throwing them out, well, for me it's not an option. They're a bit of my baby, dried blood on the end of that white piece of bone and all. With Angelina's supposed blood fetish, I'm thinking she'd totally be on board with me!

A quick poll of some friends came up with everything from positive pregnancy tests to stinky old pairs of first shoes stashed away in closets and attics. One mom copped to keeping her kid's favorite outfits totally stain-covered and everything. And then there are the moms who still have a stump from their 10-year-old's umbilical cord in a glass baby food jar.

See what I mean about Angie being like the rest of us? What's the weirdest thing you're still hanging on to from your kids?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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