Mariah Carey's Pregnant Body Issues Are Happening to Me

mariah careyPerhaps (read: most likely) it's because she's the new Jenny Craig spokesperson, but Mariah Carey has been all over the place lately, yapping it up about how much she loathed her pregnant body. If you want to get technical, she actually referred to it as "rancid" and admitted to actually hiding her body from her husband, Nick Cannon.

I wouldn't go as far -- ever, I hope -- to refer to my growing body as "rancid," but I've gotta admit, I'm not exactly showing off my goods to my husband, or anyone, lately.


Currently, I'm 15 weeks, and to be honest, you most likely wouldn't know I was with-child if you saw me. This is partly because I'm naturally a small person (in height, as well), partly because of how I dress. Despite my frame, I'm never one to walk around in tight clothes. I'm more of a layering kind of gal, but I digress ...

My body's changing, though, that's for sure. And, I know, it should be. But since I'm not at the point where I actually look pregnant yet, I kind of just look like I'm gaining weight in sort of a weird way. Weird is the only way to describe my belly. It's like a little pooch is there, yet it doesn't look like a pregnant pooch per se. It just looks ... not like me. I don't think my husband notices it (he could be the most absent-minded man alive), but I do, and I recently realized I've been changing with the door closed

I know that my husband couldn't care less what I looked like while pregnant -- seriously; he's just thrilled we're having a kid. But I'm so used to not giving any thought to what my body looks like -- my hair, skin, and clothes are another story -- but my body? Never took up much of my time. I'm always one to change, no holds barred, in a locker room, or have an entire phone conversation in front of my husband in my bra. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I just would feel sort of uncomfortable doing those things right now. Like I said, because I don't look pregnant quite yet. Just weird.

As strange as it may sound, I think the bigger I get, the more comfortable I'll feel with my body. 'Cause I'll obviously be pregnant. And I'll finally feel the little one bopping around inside of me. But until then, it's phone calls with my top on. Sorry, babe.

Did you feel weird about your pregnant body when you were at the in-between point?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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