Mariah Carey Hated Her Pregnant Body

mariah careyRemember when Mariah Carey painted her pregnant belly with butterflies and tweeted about how happy she was carrying her little twins? It was so cute. But now she's sort of telling a different side of her pregnancy story, and to be honest, it's not cute at all. It's kind of sad. The Grammy winner told Gayle King that she felt like her body looked "rancid" during her gestation and would hide her body from husband Nick Cannon. She went on to say something like it's important to her to be able to feel her bones and she didn't like that she couldn't while she was pregnant.

Feeling her bones? Feeling rancid? Sort of depressing, right?


I feel like pregnancy is one of the coolest, most fascinating parts of, and I'm going to use a big word here, womanhood, and to get so caught up in weight gain and swelling seems like a shame. Mariah said she'd cover herself in the bathtub with a towel so that Nick wouldn't see any part of her beautiful body. And using the word "rancid" seems way critical, too. Like, what did she think she looked like?

Mariah says she lost 70 pounds after giving birth and is now the new Jenny Craig spokeswoman. It's great she's back down to a dress size that makes her happy, it's just too bad that she didn't choose to embrace the changes her body went through during pregnancy and instead shunned them. There was nothing she had to be embarrassed about, yet she felt ashamed.

I feel kind of bad for her that she felt this way during her pregnancy. Sounds like she let her body issues take control and wasn't able to accept the, oh man here comes another cliche, miracle of life. But I guess she's happy -- she's got two adorable babies, a billion dollars in the bank, and she can now feel her bones again. Guess life isn't that bad for Mariah.

Did you think your body looked "rancid" during pregnancy?


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