Michelle Duggar Is a Role Model for All Moms

Michelle and Jim Bob DuggarMichelle Duggar is having baby number 20. The show IS called 19 Kids and Counting so why anyone is surprised is beyond me. The woman is 45 -- that's advance maternal age, y'all. And as a woman who had my own advanced maternal age pregnancy, I applaud her. She gives hope to those nearing 35 and wanting to be a first-time (or 20th-time) mom. She clearly wants 20 kids -- who am I to say she shouldn't be making sweet love to Jim Bob and carrying on their sugary legacy of volunteerism and the true meaning of family? Heck, I'm impressed they have time for some nookie because I have two kids and have trouble fitting it in!

They have a reality show, yes. But let's take a look at how non-dysfunctional their reality show is compared to oh say The Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, or any of those mindless (yet so addicting) shows out there. Michelle Duggar doesn't need reality TV; reality TV NEEDS Michelle Duggar. She's a role model.


At the Duggars, no one is throwing wine glasses at each other. No one is prancing around drunk in pretty glittery mini skirts shouting profanities from their Botoxed mouths. There is no backstabbing ilk or too-insane to be true tabloid fodder. The Duggars are procreators. They face real issues that real families have -- sure on a larger scale, but they are kind and loving and, despite all those kids, live debt-free. We can't even say that about those 'rich' other housewives.

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I dare you to try to watch any Duggar episode without a smile creeping onto your face. I remember watching Michelle through her pregnancy with Josie, how she had preeclampsia, and being so worried for her and the baby. When Josie was born, a tiny and beautiful preemie, I cried and hoped along with them that all would be okay.

Most of the Duggar kids are teenagers or older -- 12 of them are over 13 -- so it's not like she has 19 infants crawling around and needing diaper changes. The way their family structure is makes it work so well.

You know what would make me upset? If the Duggars were extremely poor and kept bringing kids into the world without a means to put food in their mouths. Or if the Duggars kept making babies and abused them or tossed them aside because they didn't care about them. Or if they kept getting pregnant and aborting. Those are the people we need to worry about if they get to baby number 20. Not the Duggars.

And for those who shoot daggers at women and say oh wait until she hits menopause, what will she do then? as if women suddenly become barren wastes of life once that happens. I'll tell you what she will do then ... she will keep being a Mother. A Grandmother. A Person who is a much better contributor to the good of our society than many.

Yes, the Duggar clan is adding to the overpopulation that everyone likes to talk about now that the 7 billionth baby has been born. But the Duggars WANT these children. They desire a large family. They aren't churning out babies only to neglect them. Their children are growing up to be great people, who are contributing members of society who follow in their parents' charitable work and give back to those in need.

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Some say it's dangerous for her, irresponsible, how could she risk having a baby at her age, does she know the statistics on the issues she or the baby could have .... Well, everything in this life is a risk, isn't it? I had my first-borns -- twins -- when I was 37 years old. I faced "risks", preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome. My reward was two incredible children and the amazing honor of being their Mom. And I would do it again. There are babies born every day with challenges -- and they aren't loved any LESS because they face challenges. My kids were late-term preemies and faced their own issues, but we overcame all of them. We face risk all the time, in everything we do. We could be hit by a car, crash in an airplane, get shot by a mugger, be kidnapped, bit by a snake, mauled by a dog or a chimp ... that doesn't stop us from living our life. We cannot let statistics like that stop us from being who we are, who we want to be, from living the life we want to live. We only have one life. Why not live it truly? Fully?

Which is why we shouldn't criticize Michelle Duggar for who she is. She's patient and kind, a loving mom and grandmother, responsible and thoughtful. She has a good heart -- a role model for all moms, for all women, for anyone who values the word family.

Congrats to the entire Duggar family! Michelle, may your pregnancy be beautiful and healthy.


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