Michelle Duggar May Have a Dangerous Pregnancy Obsession

michelle duggarNo, you're not hearing things. At the ripe ol' age of 45, Michelle Duggar is pregnant with her twentieth child. If something about this doesn't sit quite right with you -- but you just can't place what -- allow me to shed some light.

First of all, there's the fact that the world's population is reaching dizzying heights: The 7 billionth baby was recently born. (Not saying don't have kids, just don't have 20.) Then there's the fact that Michelle is having a baby (again, her twentieth!) at 45. Her age, coupled with it being the twentieth child, puts her -- and her unborn baby -- at risk for a whole host of problems. Kind of like her last baby did.


During her last pregnancy, Michelle suffered from preeclampsia. Apparently, her blood pressure sky-rocketed and protein appeared in her urine. In order to save her life, doctors had to deliver her baby, Josie, three-and-a-half months early. She weighed only one pound, six ounces! And once a woman has had preeclampsia, the risk of it in future pregnancies increases! AKA this could happen again! Josie will turn 2 in December and is fine now, but still -- didn't this make Michelle think?

Michelle Duggar is clearly addicted/obsessed/infatuated with being pregnant. It's like she feels more "normal" being pregnant than not -- which is fine, but it doesn't mean you can spend your entire life with child. That's not normal. And it's putting her "needs" before her child's.

I hope that everything goes fine with Duggar's pregnancy this go 'round -- and I know she thinks, by the grace of God, that it will. She recently said, "We're just trusting this is going to be a great pregnancy, full-term, healthy mom and healthy baby." But I've got to be honest, I highly doubt it will be smooth sailing, judging by her last experience.

Michelle's obsession to be pregnant and have more children really is one of the more irresponsible things I've ever heard. She needs to hang up the towel and just be thankful for the 19 kids she already has. Sheesh.

Do you think it's irresponsible for the Duggars to have another baby?


Image via TLC

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