Kate Gosselin's Car Safety Mistake Put Her Child in Great Danger

underneath carSurprise, surprise -- people are attacking a celebrity parent. Again. Kate Gosselin has been getting major flack lately because while picking her kids up from the bus, one of them crawled UNDER the car to retrieve a piece of paper that blew beneath. Kate was at the wheel and oblivious to the situation.

Yeah. I know. It sounds much ado about nothing, right? But actually, there is something majorly wrong with this situation ...


A child climbing under a vehicle? Never, ever, ever should happen. Ever. Unless the car is off, in park, emergency brake on, and the adult is right there with the child, watching them the whole time. (Let's face it, sometimes stuff you need falls under the car.) It kind of tells me maybe she hasn't taken the time to teach her kids about safety around vehicles? We're not just talking about on knees, an arm under the car either, but literally ALL the way under. Check out the photo. YIKES.

Besides, with a bunch of cars moving around, pulling in and out, KidsandCars.org founder Janette Fennell voices my thoughts when she said Kate should have been out of the driver's seat, supervising. I know with one kid in a parking lot I'm especially careful, but eight? Yeah.

Not to mention, even if she herself wasn't a risk to her kiddo (let's pretend for the sake of argument she knew he was under the car), other drivers in car pick-up lines might not be watching for your kids. Check out this graphic from KidsandCars.org also that shows the blind spots of an average pick-up:

That's pretty significant! Let's not forget also that kids are short, and Kate's vehicle is very tall. That adds plenty of blind spots, too. Sadly, many kids get hurt in parking lots and in accidents around cars moving at even very slow speeds all the time.

So, while I'm not always huge on the "celebrity bashing" bandwagon (I prefer to praise them when they do things right!), this is one time where I've got to agree with the torches and pitchforks. Dangerous, bad move there.

Do you think Kate was in the wrong? Does that freak out out?


Images via Ken Wilcox/Flickr; KidsandCars.org

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