Katie Holmes Finds Genius Way to Get Suri to Wear Coat

I have a confession: I am really into family dressing. Those freaky parents who wear the same outfits as their kid and get all matchy-matchy in the Hanna Andersson catalog? Yep. I totally want to be them.

Suri Cruise, the oft-mocked young daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is very familiar with this look. Last week she and her mother wore matching fur capes. I don't care who thinks it's cheesy or silly or pretentious. I think it's adorable and I am sticking to that.

I have the same problem as Holmes it seems with my kids. Neither of them wants to wear winter coats. And since I am one who chooses my battles, my kids are rarely wearing coats. But I am not a mega star.


Last year, Holmes was very publicly ridiculed when Suri was out without a coat. Well guess what? She found a great way to get her to wear one. Get a matching one!

I have actually found that at Suri's age, children respond well to the idea that mommy or daddy is doing the same thing as them. Whether it's going to bed early, eating carrots, or dressing up in cute clothing or tights, if you want your kid to do it, you might want to do it, too.

Kids don't think matching mommy is lame. They think it's adorable and fun (at least until they're 10 or so), and it's an easy way to avoid the fights if mommy is doing it, too.

So, yes, we may be the family in the matching footie pajamas in our photos from Christmas and, yes, you may make fun of us. But we have fun and it gets my kids to wear PJs and not sleep in their clothing (yes, this is an argument we have), so really, it's a big win all around.

Do you dress like your kids?


Image via Hanna Andersson

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