'American Idol' Star Lauren Alaina Loses Weight in the Worst Way

lauren alainaBetween the two finalists in the last season of American Idol, then 17-year-old winner Scotty McCreery and 16-year-old runner-up Lauren Alaina, I was definitely rooting for the girl from Georgia. And although she placed second, she's back in the public eye, thanks to the release of her new album, Wildflower ... and a "stunning" weight loss. Can you guess which piece of news seems to be taking precedence? Hmmmmm.

Sadly, the teen has played right into the media's obsession with celebrity weight. Although I think we could all agree she looked amazing when she was on the show, she confessed that she was struggling with her weight then, and has since dropped 25 pounds. How? Oh, no big deal. She just had a "delivery service" help her go on a high-protein, low-carb diet. Easy-peasy!


Except... it's not that easy for most teen girls. And going to extremes -- which is definitely what an Atkins-y "high-protein, low-carb" diet sounds like -- is the opposite of what we should want young people to attempt when it comes to healthy weight loss.

Yes, we have a problem with youth obesity in this country, and there are teens out there who should reshape their nutrition, learn portion control, focus on eating more fruits and veggies, etc. But we also have a devastating problem with far too many teen girls thinking they're overweight when they're anything but. As far as most of America is probably concerned, the way Lauren looked when she was on Idol was far from overweight. And she says although she's dropped the 25 pounds, and currently wears a "size small and extra-small," she claims she is still 10 pounds from her goal! Whaaat?!

Dishing on the unrealistic steps she's taken to lose this weight and the extreme goals she's setting for herself could very likely hurt young women who look up to her. Ironically, in the same way she herself was hurt by the unrealistic standards of beauty she encountered in Hollywood. As she told Access Hollywood:

As a girl, a teenage girl, without even wanting to, you constantly compare yourself to other girls. It's like I was in this competition with all these beautiful girls. Sometimes it would swallow me up. I would compare myself to those other girls to the point where it would make me sick, because I'm not like heavy, heavy, but I'm not the skinniest girl in the world.

She needs to know she doesn't HAVE to be that girl. And she shouldn't be making it as though that's what she or any other teen girl should aspire to. Another pop star who directly or indirectly promotes an unhealthy relationship with her body image and food is the last kind of idol America's girls need.

What do you think about Lauren Alaina's weight loss?


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