Selena Gomez Shares Mom's Secret to Surviving a Teen Daughter

Selena GomezIt's one of the most exhausting parts of motherhood. When you know that just making mention of the dish left on the coffee table instead of being put in the sink is going to earn you a whine, part of you wants to just swoop in there and pick the oatmeal-encrusted bowl up yourself. Next time you're thinking it's better to just head the fight off at the pass, Mom, Selena Gomez wants you to hold that thought. The teenage TV and music star has always been frank about growing up with a single mom, and now Gomez is crediting mother Amanda Teefey for deciding not to give in to her daughter ... or her kid's fame.


Even after earning a permanent spot on the Disney Channel, Gomez recently told fans she was required to do not just her schoolwork, but chores around the family's home. That has kept her grounded (and not in the sense of what you want to DO to your kid). Gomez says:

She has always reminded me that it is a privilege to get to do what I love to do. So, keeping that in mind, every day was just a normal day to me. I just feel lucky to do what I do.

Her mom managed that even though Selena pulled the angry kid routine, blaming her mom for divorcing her dad when she was just 5. How far Gomez has come without falling into the traps of fellow child stars like Miley and LiLo could be enough to prove the wisdom of Teefey's path. But how about this? The 19-year-old took to Twitter just the other day not to blab about boyfriend Justin Bieber or similar typical teen topics, but to talk about how much she misses her mother when she's on the road.

Turns out those magical mother/daughter relationships don't exist only in fairy tales and Gilmore Girls. Keeping your kids' noses to the grindstone may make for fights now, but they won't sour the entire relationship.

Sure, it makes sense. But when you consider surveys have shown today's average kid does no more than 24 minutes of work around their house on an average day, a 25 percent dip from when we were kids, it seems a lot of parents aren't actually using their common sense. And when you know your comment on that cereal bowl is going to prompt a whine you'd put on par with nails on a chalkboard, I get it. 

We could all use a little reminder that it's all worth it. Even the death glare from the other side of the dishwasher.

Do you have a similar parenting style to Selena Gomez's mom?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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