Jenna Lyons Divorce Shocker Does Not Make Her a 'Bad Mom'

Last April, J.Crew's president and creative director Jenna Lyons made waves when she painted her 5-year-old son's nails pink. Now, rumor has it (according to the New York Post) she is getting a divorce and has left Vincent Mazeau, her husband of nine years, for a woman. Is it wrong that this makes me love her even more?

Any mom who chooses to model an authentic life for her child is doing right by him or her. And in this case, that is exactly what Lyons is doing. Of course, her husband may feel otherwise.

The reports are that their divorce is getting messy over money and custody of their son Beckett, but Lyons, as always, is being who she is, and if that means loving a woman, then so be it.


It's never easy to comment on a divorce, and since I am not in their marriage, it's impossible to know whether they fell out of love or she simply left him for another person. But what is clear is that many people will judge her decision, just like they did her decision to paint her son's toes pink.

It isn't what "good moms" do. They don't leave their husbands and choose to spend their days with another woman. But Lyons has proven before that there are no "rules" for what a good mom does. She colors outside the lines and thinks outside the box, and it has proven very, very lucrative and successful for her over the years.

Any divorce is painful for the child and this one is surely no different. But it doesn't matter whether his mother left for a man or no one at all. No matter what, this would affect her child.

As he gets older, though, he may grow to understand -- or at least respect -- his mother's decision to be true to who she is. And even if he never gets it, his mother is clearly over the moon for him (as is his father). Sad and messy as it is right now, he will be OK in the long run. I am sure of it.

In the end, it's none of our business. She makes fantastic clothing and sells a lifestyle we all covet. But somehow her personal life is shoved in our faces, and as such, we think we can judge. Well, we can't. And if Lyons made the right decision for her happiness, then surely she made the right decision for the happiness of each member of her family as well.

Do you think this is wrong?


Image via J.Crew

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