Jessica Simpson Is Being Cheated Out of the Best Part of Pregnancy

jessica simpsonBecause her father was hoping to cash in on his daughter's unborn child, Jessica Simpson waited way too long to announce her pregnancy, and now her pregnancy has done the announcing for her. You snooze, you lose, baby girl.

If you'll avert your eyes to the left, you'll see the lovely Miss Simpson looking sleek, chic, and pregnant as the day is long at an airport. But still, we're yet to hear those two little words uttered from the pop star-cum-designer: "I'm pregnant."

I kind of feel bad for Jessica. When she eventually does break the news, it's not going to be nearly as fun as it would have been if we totally didn't already know. Isn't that one of, if not the, main things when celebrities get pregnant: Crafting the perfect announcement?


Take Beyonce, for instance. That woman pretty much made the mother of all celebrity pregnancy announcements. She did it by herself, via showing off her bump, on live TV. (You know when that happened, Jessica was like, "Nooooo!") Simpson (and her dad) should have acted sooner, because now, the only reaction they're going to get out of fans is, "No s**t."

Jessica's quandary got me thinking about pregnancy announcements in general, though. Particularly my pregnancy announcements. I have to admit, even though I'm not exactly known as someone who basks in the limelight -- so far, they've been pretty damn fun.

The first people I told were the girls at work. (I wanted to tell my dad and sister in person.) The reaction -- from everyone -- was priceless. The jumping up and down and screaming were so loud and boisterous that people from another office came over to see what all the ruckus was. Then, when I told my dad and sister, their responses were similar but, of course, with tears. And when I told other friends, more shrieking and laughing. Pretty much anyone I've told has had an amazing response that made me realize, "Hey, that person really cares about me."

Like I said, I'm typically on the shyer side when it comes to personal announcements, etc. And because of this, it's easy to feel, I don't know, sort of isolated and like people don't really care about what's going on in my life. I now realize that it's just because, well, people don't really know what's going on in my life half the time.

I don't have any "fans" per se, but letting my friends, family, and co-workers know that I was pregnant was one of the most fun parts of my pregnancy so far. It reminded me that I -- and the little one growing inside of me -- have a really good support system. And that's nice to know.

Did you have fun making your pregnancy announcements?


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