Selena Gomez Follows in the Footsteps of Angelina Jolie

Selena GomezThere are women who inspire girl crushes. And then there's Selena Gomez. The 19-year-old may be dating Justin Bieber, but I've got a mad mom crush on this girl.

All it took was proof that she cares about my kid. Don't feel bad, she cares about YOUR kid too. Heck, the Wizards of Waverly Place star has got a whole lot of love for kids around the world.


Out working the media as the youngest ever ambassador for the United Nations Children's Fund (better known as UNICEF), Gomez has been hyping the annual Kids Helping Kids campaign that's paired with the Halloween holiday and talking about going to Africa to see how different families live. See what I mean about loving all kids? She's like a little Angelina Jolie in the making.

But the celebrity teen admitted to The Sacramento Bee that one of her favorite parts of being a famous teen isn't the money or the Biebs. It's singing to our kids:

There's nothing more amazing then seeing a little girl dancing to your song or hearing them sing your song louder than you. It's a real powerful feeling.


As I noted just this week when Gomez managed to make even flashing your bra to the whole world seem innocent, it's a tough row to hoe for these Disney stars. They grow up in the spotlight, with millions of little kids watching their every move. But the fact is, they are growing up. And like most teenagers, that means stretching their wings, testing limits, taking risks. I don't blame the Miley Cyruses of the world for being normal teenagers. I shudder to think what my teenage years would have been like with cameras in my face. It's NOT their fault, and we shouldn't expect so much.

But that makes me appreciate Gomez that much more for choosing a path to adulthood that allows me to take my 6-year-old to one of her concerts and cuddle on the couch watching her TV shows. Selena Gomez came into our lives through our kids. And it's hard to shield our kids from the "adult" versions of them that crop up in kid-friendly places. A 6-year-old sees a magazine in the grocery store with their hero on the cover, and they want it. A Mom is grateful when said magazine isn't one of the trashy picks screaming "Tween Queen Pregnant" but a mainstream mag talking about a teen star promoting UNICEF and hitting hard on bullying.

That's why I'm mom crushing on Selena Gomez. How about you?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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