Beyonce Needs to Get Her Pregnancy Cravings Under Control

beyonceIf you believe everything you read, like I've been known to do, Beyonce has had some weird pregnancy cravings so far, and she doesn't give a rat's about chowing down -- big time -- since she's learned she's with child.

First we found out that, during her first trimester, the singer was craving -- and actually eating -- things like bananas dipped in ketchup, Oreos and pickles, and ice cream with hot chili sauce. Now, word on the street is she's currently downing French fries. By the bucket-full.

I'm all about indulging a little while you're pregnant, but girl, this is just too much.


First, when Beyonce was recently asked what her pregnancy cravings were, she said: "I have been eating French fries but then I have always loved French fries!" Then, before hitting a party in New York for her new fragrance, Pulse, a source said that Mrs. Z ordered a plate of the salty snacks from room service.

Look, Beyonce looks fantastic. And she doesn't appear to have gained an exorbitant amount of weight so far (she actually looks perfect), so she can't be going too crazy. But, I don't know, French fries all the time when you're pregnant? I'm kind of against that.

I get that certain women really don't feel well during pregnancy. And if all they can eat is fried, salty treats, well, go for it. Better that than nothing. But for the women who feel fine -- like Beyonce certainly seems to -- I think it's important to try to be somewhat healthy while you're carrying a little human. Not just for them, for you, too!

Since I've been pregnant, I've tried to eat like I normally do, which is pretty healthy, if I do say so myself. And for the most part, I've felt great. The days I haven't eaten totally healthful (an entire bag of Chipotle tortilla chips, anyone?), I've felt pretty crappy. And crappy is something I want to avoid while pregnant -- if it's something I can control.

So, if Beyonce's eating French fries once in a while, good for her. No harm, no foul. But if that's all she's eating, well, I don't think it's the best idea. Especially if they were preceded by Oreos and pickles.

What were your pregnancy cravings?


Image via AlexJohnson/Flickr

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