Hilary Duff Engages In 'Risky' Pregnancy Behavior With Blue Stilettos

hilary duffThe news is official: Hilary Duff announced on the Ellen Degeneres Show that she's pregnant with a baby boy. And now, every time I see her in blue I can't help but wonder if it's a nod to her little guy. She recently rocked blue short shorts in an appearance on Extra and looked amazing. She also wore these majorly sexy blue stilettos. And while the shoes are delish, the height of the heel makes me a little nervous -- especially for a pregnant woman.

Before I was pregnant, I swore I wouldn't be the "wimpy" pregnant type -- I was going to keep running 10 miles a day, go on a babymoon to some exotic place, and I'd take that whole" don't eat cheese and sushi" thing with a grain of salt (don't Japanese women eat sushi when they're pregnant?). But when I actually was pregnant, all my bravado fell by the wayside. I couldn't take even the smallest risk of putting my baby in danger. For me, 6-inch stilettos would have fallen into the "danger danger" category.

Never could have worn them.


I mean, what  if you were at a rodeo and one of the less-experienced cowboys lassoed his rope around the heel of your shoe by accident and then you got pulled out of your seat and dragged around the arena? Or what if you got your heel caught in a sidewalk grate and you saw a piano falling out of a window but you couldn't get out of the way because you were stuck. What then? Or just think what might happen if you were on a plane (assuming you were crazy enough to fly) that had to make a crash landing and you had to make an emergency exit down one of those slides. Sensible soles really are the way to go.

Yes, stilettos are definitely a no-no for wimpy pregnant types like me. And if you're like me and you have to venture out of your house while pregnant, my suggestion is that you stock up on slip resistant, thick-soled sneakers -- you know, the kind that old people wear. There's no chance of those things getting lassoed at the rodeo. I think I'm going to send Hilary Duff a pair as a pregnancy gift.

I wonder if they come in blue.


Are you wearing super high heels during your pregnancy?


Image via Juicyhilz/Flickr

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