'16 & Pregnant' Stars Deserve Another Chance With Daughter

joshua and ebony rendonI believe in forgiveness and second chances and transformation and lessons learned, I really do. Or I try to, anyway. So I want to say that Joshua and Ebony Rendon of 16 & Pregnant deserve the opportunity to be better parents to 2-year-old daughter Jocelyn, especially as a mom whose kids will be teenagers before long. After all, the wayward couple is young and kids make stupid mistakes. But people change, right?

It's just that I'm having a hard time getting over the "mistake" these two made last month, when the Department of Human Services in Arkansas took Jocelyn away and charged Joshua and Ebony with child endangerment because their home was essentially covered in feces and infested with maggots.


Apparently Joshua and Ebony really want Jocelyn back, and they're trying to prove it by taking parenting classes and going to therapy regularly. As a result, the judge has awarded them twice-weekly supervised visits with their daughter.

Which is a good start, I guess, and Jocelyn seems happy enough to see her mom and dad in the pictures of the four-hour family reunion. 

That's the part that kills me, actually. Despite the absolutely horrific conditions that poor child was raised in -- feces and maggots, people, feces and maggots -- she obviously still loves her parents. And that's the real reason (the only reason, in fact) Joshua and Ebony should get a second chance with their daughter. Not because they deserve it, necessarily, but because Jocelyn deserves her parents' love, if they are at all capable of giving it.

That said, I wouldn't even begin to consider allowing Joshua and Ebony to have unsupervised visits, never mind full-blown custody, before about a million more parenting classes and/or therapy sessions.

And perhaps a course in basic hygiene.

Do you think Joshua and Ebony can pull it together and be good parents to Jocelyn?


Image via MTV

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