Sex of Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Baby Revealed!

jennifer garner violet seraphinaHave you been on pins and needles waiting to find out if Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's third child is going to be a girl or a boy? You have, I know it! And why not? I've always thought that the question of a third child's gender is sort of the most interesting, because no matter what the first two are, the third baby will inevitably tip the scales in one direction or the other.

Garner and Affleck already have two gorgeous little girls, Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2, so you could say they've got plenty of girl power going on at their house already ... but Garner is one of three sisters, so there has been the history repeating argument to consider.

Still, surely Ben harbors some male-bonding fantasies about taking a boy to the old ballgame or geeking out over superhero stuff together.

So what's in the cards for the Garner-Afflecks? Lucky for you, we've got the scoop! And the color they'll be using to decorate the nursery is ...


Blue! It's blue! Blue for a boy!

Yup, according to an "inside source," Garner and Affleck are expecting their first son. (The couple has yet to officially confirm the news.)

How cute is that kid gonna be? A little Ben Affleck with Mommy's dimples. Too sweet. Plus, I'm sure Violet and Seraphina are going to get a huge kick out of having a little brother around. Actually, if they're like most big sisters I know, they're going to get a huge kick out of dressing him up like a ballerina and putting lipstick on him when no one is looking. Nothing builds character like having two big sisters!

I'm thrilled for Jennifer, Ben, and the whole family. Now let's start talking names ...

What do you think Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck should name their new baby boy?

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