'Pregnant in Heels' Star Rosie Pope Overcomes Infertility

rosie pope pregnantAs if she didn't have enough "babies" to care for as a pregnancy concierge, Pregnant in Heels star Rosie Pope is happy to announce that she is pregnant for a third time. Which is a much bigger deal than one might think, since Pope publicly struggled with infertility on the show last year before conceiving her second son, Wellington.

In fact, The Stir talked to her about her infertility issues as she breastfed her brand new baby as Pregnant in Heels began to take the mommy-verse by storm. The show where you might just wish infertility on some of the self-absorbed, clueless parents-to-be who show up on Pope's door looking for some special treatment. Like, you know, the services of a focus group to name their baby so they can see how ground-breaking they can be as parents.

Yes, that's what Pope is dealing with on a regular basis.


Still, with her fabulous maternity clothes (I myself tried on one of her gowns when I was about 8 months pregnant and it was amazing) and her ability to ground new, crazy parents-to-be, Pope seems very well-equipped to add another baby to her brood.

It's also a testament to technology since Pope has talked about how she cannot ovulate. She is one of the few famous people who actually admit to getting help in order to get pregnant, and believes transparency will help other women who are struggling with infertility. After all, as Pope points out, where do you think all those perfect twin babies are coming from?

So congratulations to Pope and her family! Here's hoping she has an uneventful pregnancy, and we can see her schooling a whole new slew of wealthy Manhattanites on a new season of Pregnant in Heels.

Does hearing about Pope's infertility struggles give you hope?


Image via Bravo

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