Nicki Minaj Has Important Message for 'Princess' Who Sang Her R-Rated Song (VIDEO)

sophia grace brownlee super bass ellen nicki minajThe adorable British little girls, 8-year-old Sophia Rose Brownlee and her 5-year-old cousin and "hype girl," Rosie Grace, got so much attention for their questionable "Super Bass" cover in the last week that they went from YouTube sensations to TV guest stars on Ellen. It's really no surprise, being that the performance was pretty amazing ... as long as you discount the fact that Sophia probably could have found a song that was more, uh, age-appropriate. Nonetheless, Ellen brought 'er on, and she and Rosie, dressed up in princess pink from head to toe, got surprised by NICKI MINAJ herself!

When the hip-hop star came on stage, Sophia was over-the-moon, shrieking and even jumping into Nicki's arms. I know, I know ... you're probably thinking it's a shame that these little girls idolize someone whose rap lyrics are pretty much 180 degrees from kid-friendly. But believe it or not, Nicki did right by these little girls.


After her warm welcome, Nicki crouched down and explained how within five seconds of watching the video, she was BLOWN away by Sophia. She is positive the girl's got so much talent that she'll be a superstar before we know it. But the best part: Nicki implored Sophia and Rosie to prioritize their educations. She said:

You are incredible. I just want you to stay in school, the both of you. Music is beautiful, but I want you to stay in school, OKAY?! Put your books first and singing second, okay??

The message was met with a resounding scream from Sophia. Guess she's a fan of the idea, which is awesome! The trio then proceeded to perform "Super Bass" live, although it was really more Sophia than Rosie OR Nicki for that matter! More good news: Nicki made sure they self-bleeped "F" in "who the F I is," so that makes me happy! (Even though it definitely isn't one the only questionable lyric, of course.) And for even more reassurance ... it turns out Sophia really doesn't know what she's singing when she rattles off the rap. She told Ellen:

No, I just learned the words really quickly. And I like the video because it's got a motorbike made of ice, and pink! Everything is pink, I just love pink!

OKAY -- well, that's good to know! Sophia is clearly a girly girl princess force to be reckoned with!

Here's the video of their meeting ...

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What do you think about their meeting and the message Nicki conveyed to the girls?


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