Beyonce Baby Bump Controversy Is Proof Everyone Has Gone Crazy (VIDEO)

beyonce bumpOkay, let's just put this inane rumor to rest once and for all: Beyonce is not sporting a fake baby bump, and people need to stop concocting wacko conspiracy theories about celeb pregnancies! When did that even get to be a thing, by the way? Beyond Is She or Isn't She, Who's the Daddy, and Is It a Boy or Girl, there really shouldn't be any other questions to ponder.

It was a clip of Beyonce on an Australian talk show that got the buzz-factory working overtime, and all because as the superstar sits down, the front of her dress kind of deflates and collapses inward.

Which must mean that her "bump" is really a balloon-type device that somehow popped when she sat!

Uh, NO.


Clearly anybody who's buying into this half-baked idea has never worn a maternity dress. Because if they had, they would know that while some fabrics stretch, others accommodate growing bellies with nifty devices like little pleats and darts.

Which is all well and good when a mama-to-be is standing up and her tummy is at full mast. When, however, she changes position, her belly sits down before her dress does. Particularly at Beyonce's phase of pregnancy, around 5 months, when you're not at max bump capacity yet and you still have some room to grow in most of your clothes.

The (ridiculous) allegation is that Beyonce and Jay-Z hired a surrogate to carry their baby. Okay, if you're going to say that about any pregnant celeb, why in the name of Sasha Fierce would you say that about Beyonce? She's one of the few famous women who's not obsessed with being drastically underweight. Come on, this is the woman who sang the line, I don't think you ready for this jelly/Is my body too bootylicious for ya, babe?

I'd sooner believe Beyonce was carrying an alien baby than faking her pregnancy entirely. Check this out and tell me:

Do you think Beyonce is wearing a fake bump?


Image via YouTube

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