Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Needs to Be Announced SOON

Jessica Simpson isn't exactly known for valuing her privacy. After all, she put her entire first year of marriage on MTV so the whole world could watch and judge.

Maybe she has learned a thing or two since then because the reality star, fashion mogul, and singer is clearly staying mum on what has become obvious. Jessica is pregnant and there is no use denying it anymore.

If the tweeted photos linked above aren't enough, consider this: she has been coy, her own father-in-law-to-be has been coy, and now Radar is reporting she is going to announce soon in an exclusive magazine interview.

Basically she wants more money for it, which really shouldn't be surprising. Her family knows how to rake in the dough. But come out with it soon, would you? I am all for stars having some privacy, but this is ridiculous.


Let's face it: She is getting more attention for hiding it. If and when she finally comes out, people will just shrug their shoulders. After all, it has been obvious all along.

Maybe she was hiding it until she was further along, but judging from the photos, she could be 20 weeks by now. Personally, I didn't start to show until around week 24 the first time.

I am all for respecting privacy, but to pretend like she is a private person is just kind of laughable. My guess is she is holding out to announce to the highest bidder, which is probably what most would do in her shoes.

Either way, Simpson is running low on time. That baby looks like he or she is running out of room. And as much as I think she ought to just come clean, it's as much to wish her congratulations as for any other reason.

After watching Newlyweds and Price of Beauty and all of Simpson's other endeavors, I have no doubt she is going to make a really nice and loving mother.

So, just come clean already!

Do you think she is preggo?


Image via cliff1066™/Flickr

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