Kardashians Pick Hottest Spot in Brooklyn to Take Mason for Pizza (PHOTO)

scott mason disickI don't care which celebs have been there already, it's just not a hot spot until Mason Disick gets carried through the door on somebody's hip. Seriously! The kid is already a style icon, which is so much more than can be said for any other male members of the Kardashian family (daddy Scott Disick included).

Lucali, which just so happens to be in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens, has been getting authentic pizza buzz for a few years now (in Brooklyn, that's saying a lot!). Enough buzz, in fact, for the tiny restaurant to count Beyonce and Jay-Z as regulars.

But like I said, a spot ain't hot until Mr. Mason makes his mark on a joint.


In fact, if I were a restaurateur, I would pay to have Mason come and eat at my new establishment. Although Mason personally has way too much integrity for that (I like to think), certainly Grandma Kris would have no qualms over arranging a little publicity-for-pizza trade.

Mason's poster boy possibilities are endless, I tell you. Endless!

Aren't you dying to try Lucali now that Mason's a fan?


Image via Splash

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