Beyonce Has Pregnancy Cravings Fit for a Mouse

beyonceLet's be honest with ourselves: If calorie content and nutritional value were of no concern, who among us would really prefer an assortment of raw vegetables to a cheese platter? Really. Unless, of course, there was some sort of amazing melt-y Gruyere dip for the veggies ... but let's say no such dip is offered. Who would pick a celery stick over a cube of aged cheddar?

I know one person who definitely would NOT make that choice: Beyoncé. Even before she was preggers, the superstar was not a fan of crudités. And there's video to prove it!


In a behind-the-scenes clip from a L'Oréal Paris commercial shoot, Beyoncé bemoans all the "watercress and spinach leaves" she apparently subsisted on for days before spotting a tray of "dangerous" cheese.

"I did opt for a piece of celery, though," she says to the camera, her mouth full.

(Until a few minutes later, when we see Beyoncé being whisked away on the back of a cart, holding a plate of what looks suspiciously like mini muffins and chunks of cheese.)

Hey, wait a minute ... maybe she was pregnant in this video! She definitely hadn't announced it yet, but perhaps her anti-produce, pro-cheese rant had everything to do with those bizarre cravings she's been having (I'm talking bananas-dipped-in-ketchup bizarre).

Or, maybe she was pregnant in this video ... but didn't even know it yet! One of my earliest pregnancy symptoms was an inexplicable aversion to salads, of which I'm usually a big fan.

Take a look and tell me what you think ...

Is Beyoncé pregnant in this clip?


Image via YouTube

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